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"Upanishad" means to "sit nearby" and if you feel ready to speak "face to face" lets begin.


rishisatsangThis picture depicts a classical "forest dweller" scene showing a gathering of sages and students "sitting nearby" and exploring philosophies and teachings. In the ancient Indian spiritual paintings, the colour blue is often used as a symbol of illusions (whats the biggest illusion in the world? The sky, which appears to be blue in colour but is not). Persons who had realised the illusion of self-identification with the body were shown as blue in colour.

It would be wonderful if we could one day meet in a forest glade like this one but in the meantime we have found that video chat works brilliantly.

Our students are located all over the world and we have found that Skype (preferred) and MSN Messenger (still OK!) over a fast Internet connection make genuine, connection and communication possible. Even if you only have a microphone, Skype/MSN calls are free and crystal clear and are a great way to get started.

To try this out for yourself, you will need to make sure that your computer has a webcam, microphone and speakers and then just follow these simple steps:-

    1  Note your Skype/MSN id

    2  Decide when is a good time for us to speak

    3  Click "Book a Chat" and fill in the details - thats it!

We will get your details and contact you, run a test to make sure that the connection is fast and reliable and that there are no technical glitches and that's it.

When we have set a time thats convenient for both of us we are all set to go. There are no charges for this introductory session, it will give us a chance to meet and find out whether we can work together and if we can, and you are happy to proceed, we can explore where and how to start. Nice and simple. So, ready to move beyond depression?

If you like what you've read so far and would like to know more click "Book a Chat"

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