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OCHS Philosophy of Yoga

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...probably the best "Philosophy of Yoga" course

in the English language,

in the world...

"Satish K Sharma"

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"Philisophy of Yoga" On-Line Course.



Yoga's Philosophy is one of the most subtle and liberating bodies of knowledge in the history of humanity, reputedly capable of awakening Divinity inside of a humble human being! But to truly become immersed in it you have to be able to read Sanskrit.......... otherwise how can you be sure to extract the essence of every word? or be sure that what is being taught on most Yoga Philosophy courses, is true to the subtle Sanskrit original? And if you are a teacher, wouldn't you want to be certain that what you have learned, and hope to pass on to your students, was the best in the world?


" How do you get

the Deepest Understanding of Yoga possible,

without learning Sanskrit?"


What if someone could bring together some of the world's leading Sanskrit scholars, especially those steeped in the History and idiom of ancient India, passionate scholars who have spent a lifetime becoming familiar with the nuances and delicate inflections of Sanskrit and have been recognised for the integrity of their scholarly works by none other than Oxford University, the oldest University in the English speaking world. What if they were given the task of unlocking the secrets of the Yoga Scriptures..... and then making their work accessible to anyone speaking simple English ... and then even making their works available ON-LINE..... wouldn't that be incredible?

Well, Oxford's OCHS has been doing just that for the last 14 years and now, the "OCHS 2013 Yoga Philosophy" course is ready to take enrolments!


The New 2013 "Philosophy of Yoga" On Line course consists of: 

  • Seven weekly sessions
  • All materials are delivered via the web
  • Your tutor is always available by email
  • You are also able to communicate online with your fellow students.
  • Student forums with tutor participation
  • Recorded lectures available in video and mp3 format to keep for future reference
  • Lecture notes available online and as pdf
  • Audio interviews with specialists in Sanskrit & Hindu Studies at Oxford University
  • Supplementary materials taken from the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies teaching and research programme.


.... and apart from becoming very knowledgable and comfortable with the subject itself and apart from becoming part of the OCHS family, you also get this internationally recognised OCHS Certificate to prove your achievement!

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So remember,

  • only 100 places are available GLOBALLY for this online course


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to a deeper level

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