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Other Kind comments and Feedback

Seema S. (Denham, UK)


"Satish's sessions of Yoga are incredible! I have been to other classes but I have to say that these are the best ever. I am full of energy and relaxed at the same time and I look forward to our classes every time. Now if you could manage to get my hsuband to do something for his health ....that would be impressive! Thank you so much Satish."


Sonia M. (Gerrards Cross, Bucks, UK)


"Satish's classes are far better than other Yoga classes I've been to because of the great combination of spiritual and regular Yoga  stuff. My sessions have made a huge impact on me. Firstly my body is becoming more relaxed and even flexible, my posture has improved and my spiritual understanding of what spirit actually IS has increased. I am calmer and after a session am invigorated and refreshed - couldnt be better."



Kalpana P. (West London, UK)


"The biggest change I have found is that I dont have anywhere near as negative thoughts as before and when I do feel any negativity, it doesn't last at all. This had changed almost every bit of my life. Satish is fantastic at getting the best out of all participants but sometimes I feel that he knows too much!! "



Sandhya S. (Gerrards Cross, UK)


"Satish has made me slow down, stop and think! I worry so much less than before and I take time out for myself. Even when there's a lot happening I dont panic like I used to. The best thing about Satishji is that he is so knowledgeable AND he has the special ability to explain things without loosing their essence. I can say that he not just a Yoga teacher,  he lives what he teaches and I feel thats what makes the sessions so real for me."



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