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Vishaad Yoga

"PranaPositive" Retreat at Braziers Park Eco Community


Braziers Park, the Eco Sustainability Community in Oxfordshire provides the venue for the first Vishaad Yoga retreat.


A retreat for Yoga practitioners (all levels welcome) to explore the multiple levels of the "Prana" component of Yoga, to cultivate and deepen the connection with inner Silence and to emerge re-vitalised, stiller and lighter.


At a physical level, when we have enough Prana energy our physical bodies feel light, supple and "great places to live". When Prana is low, our physical bodies become sluggish, stiff and even movement is an effort. We will explore the movement of Prana, the means by which it leaks from our bodies and then cover the practices to harvest and conserve Prana, making the physical form a genuine, bright temple of light for divinity to take its place.


Harvesting Prana charges the prana batteries of the body but helping Prana to then flow unhindered to all the billions of cells that make up the body, to cascade down through the energy channels unimpeded improves the health and sense of well being a hundred fold. One of the most potent tools to ease Prana flow is the Neti Practice and we shall master this purification practice during the retreat.


At the level of mind, insufficient Prana appears as dark thoughts, the mind feels as though weighed down by woes, chained to heaviness, unable to break free. When Prana flows, the mind too becomes energised and light starts to shine into the dark corners or our minds. Every thought either attracts Prana or consumes Prana and we shall learn to create a pause in which every thought can be inspected, traced, identified and then retained or ejected. Even the oldest thought forms and the rigidest of belief structures can be seen and inspected once Prana starts to acumulate.


We are all spirit masquerading as human beings and the journey from being human to discovering and experiencing our own divinity inevitably requires the spiritual traveller to cross the river of the darkness within us. In ancient times preparation for this stage was the first step, even though it may have been distant, and served as the foundation upon which subsequent practices were then built.

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