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Once you have had a browse through the site and feel comfortable enough to start the process of your own evolution and healing, the 1-2-1 Consultation route may be the best way forward. Typically this entails a first session of upto 2 hours, followed with 5-8 further sessions spread over a period of weeks and sometimes months.

Occasionally but not often, if more fundamental issues need to be addressed first, the initial Consultation is best followed by a residential retreat of 2-3 days. This enables us to have you step completely out of your usual surroundings and "routine mind" and is a very effective way of looking at your life, position and ideas from a completely fresh perspective. It helps us create some mental "elbow room" for you to expand and adjust your ideas about your practices, your situation, your attitude and your options.



 One 2 One Consultations are conducted principally in the UK, in and around London and in Slough most weeks, as well as the occasional Session in the Midlands when appropriate. Naturally many of our overseas and especially our American seekers, are unable to come all the way to the UK and we have been able to make great progress with web conferencing using free services such as Skype and Messenger. As the speed of the web improves, we see this medium being of great use in opening up our service to many other countries. 

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Typically we tend to be booked upto a couple of weeks ahead and can occasionally accommodate more pressing cases within a couple of days. If you would like to know more about our Consultations and availability, please do get in touch and be assured of complete confidentiality. Let us know a little about yourself by completing a short form (click here) and we will call you back as soon as is mutually convenient. There is absolutely no obligation or charge for the initial enquiry call back but it is essential that we both feel comfortable working together and the initial telephone call does achieve that.



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