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If you would like us to come and share some of the principles and practices of Vishaad Yoga with your class or with a group of practitioners, we would be delighted to. All Yoga practitioners will one day need to purify their mental body, its inevitable and the more your practice develops the closer that stage comes.


 ~teaching university atheletes about breath and prana~


Our individual Workshops are each 3 hours in length and often conducted as 4 sessions over a weekend. The topics cover the most daunting and challenging aspects of human existence and spiritual practice. The Workshops format has been designed to give an understanding and experience of what the Retreats and the individual lessons can provide. They are experiential in nature and designed to cause significant shifts in perspective and well being.


seeinghigherselfSeeing the Higher Self

"Until the Self is seen, all practices risk strengthening the lower self, once the Self is seen, all practices take on a different dimension". Explore the difference between Seeing and Thinking and learn where and how to See like the Seers.

truthoffreewillThe Truth of Free Will

Destiny, Karma, Conditioning..  with so much supposedly affecting every choice a person makes, is it possible to have "Free Will? Learn how to recover real control over our daily choices.

The Spiritual Role of Vishaad (Despair)

Suffering (mental anguish) has a very important role to play in the emergence of Spirit and we explore practices and teachings designed to gently disentangle our mind from the clutchs of Sadness, Fear and Anger permanently.

processofdyingThe Processes of Dying and Living (2 workshops)

The greatest challenge a person can face might be confronting death. The Yogi's claim that immortality is the reality and death an illusion and yet this is difficult to grasp. We delve deeper into the Yogic practices of preparing and understanding the experiences called Life and Death. 

pranayamamasterclassPranayama Masterclass

Only once prana has been controlled, can the mind be stilled and deeper progress in Yoga be safely made. Prana is NOT breath, join the workshop to learn what it is and how to balance it.

 thegreatillusionThe Great Illusion

What if you are nothing like what you think you are? We take a few moments to explore the world of illusions, how we form them and then become ensnared in them ourselves. This workshop helps to approach our illusions and attempt to see through the veils.


The Yoga "Scripture Secrets" Workshops Series:-
The Yoga Secrets of the Bhagavad Gita
The Yoga Secrets of the Ramayana
The Yoga Secrets of the Hanuman Chalisa

If you would like to know more, or you would like to perhaps host a workshop... getintouch

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