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Anita P. (Berkhsire UK) - Defeating Depression & Rheumatism!


I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis in Feb 2006. For a 27 year old this was the worst news ever. It all started with pains in my wrists and fingers. After having seen the doctor and being referred to a Rheumatologist, tests were carried out and it had confirmed that I was a victim of Rheumatoid Arthritis. I cried, why me? I didn't understand. I fell apart. I was advised to start taking medication straight away. And they told me that wasn't a cure, just something to help me to get me through this.

A year later, by August 2007, my condition got worse. The Arthritis had spread into all my joints. My toes, ankles, knees, shoulders, elbows, neck. I couldn't move. I had to have time off from work as I was unable to get out of my bed. I thought my life was over. "I'm 27, what had I actually achieved in life?" I was on such a low, my condition got worse and worse. By this time I was heavily prescribed on drugs and was taking steroid injections to keep me going. The medication took effect after 3-4 days and did me good until I suffered side effects from them. Sore and heavy eyes, dried skin, mouth ulcers, stomach pains, dizziness, weight gain. The medication was making me worse. I tried Chiropractitioners, Osteopaths & Naturopaths, gyms to relieve the tensions in my muscles, anything that would help. They all promised me I'd feel better at the end of the treatment. I walked away with no results. They had my money and I still had my pain. I took my regular dose of drugs to keep me going, there was no other way. I knew there was no cure, and I had to live with this disease for the rest of my life.

I was introduced to Satish in the month of October. The minute I walked into his home - "When are you leaving work?" - this shook me a little. I was a consultant working for a large oil company and had been travelling around the world delivering change management for nearly 18 months. Why was work such an issue I thought to myself? He sat me down and made me understand and see things in a different perspective. That's what makes Satish so special. He holds a spiritual aura which I believe connotes him of particular powers and holiness.

Satish taught me the art of Yoga. He taught me about my body, mind and soul, How all these were connected and how they all must be cherished. Satish began with exercises. I went through a series of these with him. As the arthritis had spread all over my body he began from the toes, working up towards my neck. They had to be carried out early hours of the morning and repeated in the evening. I continued the regime for 2 months and I can't reveal how painful it had felt! It was hard at the beginning, as I my joints were very tender and trying to stretch them, was very painful. I had to keep going. Satish always was a phone call away. Any time I felt I couldn't do, Satish was there to guide me and reassure me everything was going to be ok. I visited Satish a number of times over the next few months and showed him my progress. He was overwhelmed. This was "all" natural healing, no drugs, no side effects, just an understanding of how to look after your body yourself without the supposed help of artificial and dangerous toxic drugs that I had been feeding my body for nearly 14 months.

At present, Nov 2008, my RA has been in remission for over 2 years. I married and also have a baby boy. All that was once a mere dream are now reality. I look forward to the years to come as I now know that I am in control with all that’s within me. I look forward to a bigger family, I have everything to live for. I continue with my Yoga everyday morning and evening. I have been for annual checkups with my Rheumatologists who are amazed by my condition. They don't understand how it is possible, even medication couldn't have made me feel this way. For them medication is everything. I feel for all those who may be under their care, as they are not likely to pass on my achievements through Yoga to those who may need it. A purely natural solution? A medical experts' worst nightmare!

Satish for me, is someone I treasure with all my heart.  Satish holds knowledge and extensive experience in the art of Yoga and many other things. He is a believer and he delivers this to all that meet him. He is a wonderful human being who has been for me, a gift from god. He saved me, and I'm forever grateful to him.

Cheers Satish! Anita XX!

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