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Michaela A. (Dudley, West Midlands,  UK) - Coping with Sexual identity, Depression and Family life!


I have been lucky enough to have known Satish for about 12 years and he has been a close friend of my husband’s for over 30 years. But personally I have grown to know him more closely over the last five years.


Shortly after returning to work after the birth of my second child I began to experience severe anxiety, sleeplessness and depression. I was finding juggling everything at work, two children and a husband who worked away a lot very difficult. But more than that there was a personal issue regarding my sexuality that my mind kept returning to and over analysing. I would suffer extreme anxiety over this issue, tremendous guilt and could get myself so worked up I could even be physically sick. This anxiety then began to extend to other areas of my life and was out of control. I was diagnosed with ‘clinical depression’ and everything seemed pretty dire and serious...until I went to see Satish.


Somehow I knew Satish would be able to help – he had said a few things to me over the years which resonated on a spiritual level and I felt that it was this aspect of my life that needed the focus. When I went to see Satish we sat together in presence and he immediately knew what had been worrying me and to my surprise he just laughed and said, ‘God thinks what a drama!’ At first I was a little taken aback but then relief washed over me. The immense weight I had been carrying with me began to lift and I started to realise that in the most part I was creating my own reality – I have learned since that almost all problems are created in the mind.


Over the last five years I have progressed steadily with Satish’s unwavering support and have gradually learned to understand that we carry with us ‘remnants’ from previous lives which can create conflicts and cast shadows within this life. Sometimes these conflicts actually enable us on our spiritual journey by making us become aware of the mind more acutely so that the mind can be seen for what it is – something that is a useful tool but is not us...we are something far deeper. It has been Satish’s light hearted approach that has really enabled me to move forward and he is there whenever I need him to laugh at me - he puts everything into perspective and I can see through whatever drama I am creating. He has encouraged me to use yoga and daily breathing practises, as well as an awareness of the workings of my mind to overcome ‘ripples’ in my calm.


As a philosophy lecturer, I "know" and understand so much about what my issues might have been, and some still are, but "knowing" doesnt help in overcoming them, the practises to stabilise the body, to slow down the mind , the beathing and the support are what make a difference. I can't recommend Satish highly enough!



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