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Neeta R (Oxfordshire UK) - Multi drug resistant, contagious tuberculosis MDR-TB and depression

I was suffering from Multi drug resistant tuberculosis MDR-TB.The TB that i had was resistant to most drugs and the doctors were left with a few limited drugs to treat me.
The drugs were very, very strong, highly toxic and with many side effects. I was living in an isolated hospital room, with daily night vomitting and 7-8 times diarrhoea, sometimes severe constipation, bitterness in saliva, confusion, anxiety. I had a piles problem and it had started bleeding and was very painfull. I had no strength to even walk. I was getting more and more depressed. After a couple of months my behaviour started changing and I used to scream and cry and talk uncontrollably. I had almost lost my mental stability when I was under high dose of medicines. Unable to bear the treatment and the pain I decided to quit the medicines. But quitting the medicines meant knowingly embracing death and the doctors did all that they could to press me to take the medicines but finally they called a Hindu chaplian because they were worried I might not survive, for my counselling.
He convinced the hospital to allow me to try Ayurvedic herbs and introduced me to his friend Satishji. I was infectious at the time but Satishji came and taught me an amazing Pranayama, meditation technique. Satishji told me to do it regularly and take ayurvedic medicines. I did it religiously lying on the hospital bed. Satishji encouraged me to also take my medicines and so I also started my TB medications once again.
Doing the pranayama and meditation regularly I started regaining my mental balance. Very quickly, I was no longer depressed nor did I have any anxiety. All my side effects of constipation, diarrhoea, bleeding piles, confusion had vanished. I became a more healthy and a cheerfull person each day. I started getting cured from TB. After only a few weeks my sputums were all negative. Satishji visited me regulary in the hospital, gave me inspirational audios to hear and beautifull books to read. I got discharged after almost 5 months of stay in hospital.
Satishji changed me from the person who had lost all the hope for life into a person who is now full of life and energy.
I am extremely thankfull to Satishji for saving my life.

Neeta R.

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